6 Tricks for Gorgeous Hair

When it comes to hair, it can be difficult to get it right. Many of us suffer with unruly frizz or random kinks which can make it impossible to achieve the sleek look we see in magazines and movies. Just when you think you’ve nailed your hairstyle, along comes something to ruin it. The weather […]

Short Hair Shaved Side

When Rhianna Short Hair Shaved Side her hair in 2009, the world went insane for it and began to take after. It’s not until this year that this wild hairdo showed up in Lebanon. In the event that you are keen on trimming your hair short and shaving one side. these rules and regulations are […]

Ideas For Wedding Hairstyles

There are so many things for a lady to consider in arranging a wedding day, including her determination of hairstyle. Picking the right wedding hairstyle needs to mirror the lady of the hour’s identity and how she jumps at the chance to present herself. She ought to feel at her most lovely on this extraordinary day, so […]

Short Hair style Ideas For Wedding

Short Hair style are beautiful, chic, strong and bold what you have to create an impression. The short hair trends has been a most loved in the western nations since the 70s and now it has won the hearts of Indian ladies as well. While having long and flawless mane of hair is probably exceptionally satisfying, […]

Fancy Hairstyles with Braids

Are you Searching for beautiful,sexy and perfect braid hairstyles yet confused? We have solution for your problem. These Fancy Hairstyles with Braids are so easy and attractive,  while perplexing, is super simple to do once you get the hang of it. Tips and how-to’s are sprinkled all through these motivating pics.It looks so perfectly on long hair. 1. […]