Make Sure That You Buy Quality Clip-in Hair Extensions with These 10 Tips

Clip-in extensions are a great way to temporarily transform your looks and to enjoy longer hair. They are a fun way to increase your length without resorting to permanent measures.

  1. Choose Human Hair

It’s important that you always use 100% human hair extensions when buying as it will blend in much more easily with your real hair. This will make them more expensive but the final look will be much more natural.

  1. Check for Shedding

You want to use extensions that are shed-free. Running your fingers through the extensions will quickly tell you if the ones you are considering will shed.

  1. Choose Stainless Steel

Opt for extensions with tone-in stainless steel clips so that they will blend in with your hair and won’t rust when you wash them. These clips will be invisible when placed correctly.

  1. Check the Track

The weft track that the extensions are sewn into should be flexible and thin. You also want to make sure that it is doubled as this will ensure that the hair is dense. Make sure that the seamline on the track is straight.

  1. Should Be Sealed

Quality clips will be sealed along the sides of the wefts. This will help to reduce the chance of any shedding and ensure that the hair doesn’t stick out from the sides, which looks unnatural and can be difficult to control.

  1. Look for Remy Hair

You want the cuticles on the hair to all be facing in the same direction so that the hair in your extensions doesn’t tangle. Extensions that are 100% Remy will all be in the same direction, ensuring a natural look.

  1. Skip Shiny Hair

Quality extensions won’t appear overly shiny and fake. When clip-in hair extensions appear too shiny, they will look incredibly fake and will stick out instead of blending in. Shiny hair has been treated with silicone.

  1. Choose Single Over Double Drawn

Double-drawn extensions will have strands of hair that are all the same length while single-drawn hair will be much more natural-looking due to a fade of thickness. This means that the extension will blend in with your hair instead of sticking out and being obviously fake.

  1. Make Sure That it Curls

If the hair on your extensions doesn’t easily curl with a curling iron or wand, then it has been processed too much. You want your extensions to curl easily so that you can make sure that they match the appearance and style of the rest of your hair.

  1. Consider Your Hair Type

Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will have to choose varying clip-in sets. Heavy sets won’t work for people who have very thick hair as they will pull too much on the hair and can cause inflammation and pain. People with thin hair should choose extensions that are 112-120 grams while those with thicker hair can handle heavier weights of 150-200 grams. Make sure to remove the extensions as soon as you feel tension.

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